How does Sypht Work?



What can Sypht do for you?

Glad you asked! 😉 Sypht is an AI-driven document intelligence platform. It helps you and your company automatically extract important data that is trapped inside your documents (PDFs, pictures, etc) It self-learning AI captures and structures document data, spots key business signals hidden within the data, and identified broader insights and trends.

Or, think of Sypht like this: you have hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of documents. Some of them are Invoices, Bank Statements, Receipts, and so on. All those documents combined represent millions of dollars that you spend daily, weekly, and monthly. How do you look through those millions of documents and know exactly how much you’re spending? How do you know if some of those docs aren’t duplicate, or fraudulent, or just plain wrong! You—or even a team of yous—cannot physically go through all of them. It’s just not possible. BUT WE CAN! Sypht Artificial Intelligence operates at an unlimited cloud scale. We can process all of that, and more, and automatically signal to you how much you’re spending, duplicate invoices, fraudulent activity, and more. Sypht AI turns your documents into data, insight, and action.

AI basics

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the ability of computers to perform human-like cognitive functions (reading, math, and so on). Honestly, if you want to deep-dive the topic itself then skip out to here: LINK. But if you want to know important Sypht AI basics then read on.

Our Sypht AI lives on a scalable cloud infrastructure that can roll up or down, depending on our customer’s needs. We use a combination of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), text classification, and some Sypht proprietary magic, to process your unstructured documents and lift out important pieces of data for your attention.

Sypht AI Basics:

  • Computer cloud infrastructure → Highly scalable computer architecture in the cloud.

  • Text Classification → Technology that classifies documents into different categories based on their content (Invoices, Receipts, etc).

  • OCR → Optical Character Recognition is technology that enables the AI to read documents that have been converted into PDFs or scanned from a printer.

  • Image recognition → Software that recognises objects, people, places, shapes, writing, and so on, from images.

Machine Learning basics

Machine learning is the ability for the AI to use data and algorithms to learn and improve its accuracy. The key bit here is that the AI learns to improve itself. That’s critical for us at Sypht because Every document is different and every company creates documents differently. No single AI processor in the world can instantly handle processing all your millions of unique documents. So, we use Machine Learning to rapidly train our AI to be able to process your unique documentation.

Sypht Machine Learning basics:

  • Auto-Train → Our AIs can train themselves to recognise and extract the right data from your documents, saving you from having to manually help them learning.

  • Pre-Training Models→ Sypht has been at this for some time, so our AIs are smart-as-hell at processing a vast array of documents. We have a number of pre-trained models to tackle your documents.

  • Confidence Scoring → An indicator showing how accurate Sypht is at extracting a set of data from a document.

Computer Vison

Computer vision is a branch of AI development that enables computers to see, identify, and process images in the same way that human vision does.

At Sypht, we use a combination for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to read, understand, extract, and learn to turn documents into structured data and insights. This relationship is best visualised in the following table:

1. Read 👁

2. Understand 🧠

3. Extract 🔍

4. Learn :check_mark:

AI views the document and identifies key pieces of information (text, numbers, etc)

AI interprets the key pieces of data to understand the relationship between them.

AI extracts the data from the document and classifies it, sets the data as fields on the document.

A human reviews the extracted data and corrects any information that was misinterpreted, then retrains the AI to improve the accuracy.

Computer Vision

AI uses computer vision to see, identify, and process images.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

AI uses NLP to understand the structure and meaning of the data.

Machine Learning (ML)

AI can automatically learn and improve what it interprets and extracts from the document, with a human’s help or even by itself.


AI Products

At Sypht, we package up our pre-trained AI models into AI products: Invoice, Receipts, Bank Statements, etc.

By packaging them like this, it simplifies your job in choosing which AI model is right for your needs. AI Products are available on the Sypht Marketplace, which you can learn more about by going here:


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