How Sypht can help your business?

Where can we help your business?

Sypht’s AI is designed to process any kind of document, extract its data, turn that data into insights, and help you make informed decisions. The scope of what we can do is wonderfully huge. So, when we say below that we can help you with 1). Automating post-payment processes, 2.) Analyzing risks, and 3.) Improving the payee experience, we are just describing some key areas we’re good at when it comes to AI document processing. But that doesn’t mean that’s all we do. We can do much, much, more, but our core strengths are described below. (I hope that makes sense :smiling_face_with_3_hearts: Contact Sales or email directly: to learn what else Sypht can help you with)

Key areas where we can help

Take a look at the image below to better help you visualize the processes and the areas where Sypht can help.



Automate post-payment processes

Most businesses' post-payment processes are manual, error-prone, and costly. One of the major challenges is the speed in which these payments can be processed. Businesses need to know NOW whether payments have settled and balances need to be updated. And that’s just not possible when post-payment processes are manual.

With Sypht, we can automate the processes and perform them in real-time. Not only can this save your company money on the cost of manually processing invoices, it more importantly delivers that data at the speed your business needs it. Sypht’s real-time processing speed can transform your procurement, logistics, and finance processes by: A.) instantly matching & reconciling invoices, PO’s, etc and B.) integrating that extracted data straight into an ERP, finance, or accounting system.

See below for where our AI naturally slots into your processes, which are manually handled, massively time-consuming, and riddled with errors.


Analyze risks

With thousands, or even millions, of invoices and expense receipts flowing through your system, there is just no way a single person or a group of people can read through them all and analyze the risk for duplication, fraud, consumer buying behavior, over-payments, and so on.

But you can with Sypht’s AI Signal detection. Sypht’s AI Signal detection runs in parallel to our document data extraction processes and returns back enriched data with key probabilistic signals such as duplicates, fraud, matching PO data, and spend anomalies.

Take a look at the image below to see where Sypht’s AI signal detection fits into the overall AI Data Extraction process.


Improve the experience for payee & payer

For lots of companies, capturing expenses for book-keeping, reimbursement, or submitting insurance claims are time-consuming and friction-filled processes. Customers are unhappy with the speed and staff aren’t exactly in love with pushing paper.

The Sypht AI can streamline these processes. Take a photo of any document as part of the experience, and our AI can instantly process it behind the scenes and turn that photo into structured data. From structured data, we can do anything at the speed of the internet: initiate transactions, update balances in real-time, push that data into your back-end system, and on and on the power of our AI goes.

All of this will cut down on customer admin time and increase customer happiness by massively reducing the fulfillment time.

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