Uploading documents into Sypht

There are quite a few options for how you get your documents into Sypht: manually upload through the app, API-based upload, email-based upload.

Manual upload

Manually uploading documents is a snap. In the app, go to the Docs tab and click the Upload icon. Then in the Upload documents dialog box, either drag & drop the documents into the grey area or click browse to select the files to upload.


100 documents at a time can be manually uploaded. If your document needs are larger than this, try the options below or contact sales for support.

API upload

Best place to learn about uploading documents through the API is in the API documentation: https://sypht.gitbook.io/sypht/upload-and-extract/prediction

Email upload

Sypht can process documents that are attached to emails. Sypht ignores the body of the email and will only process the attachment. Email upload sizing and availability depends on your company’s account. Your current email options should be available in the app https://app.sypht.com/settings/email

If you want to learn more about integrating email with Sypht, learn more here LINK


File type support

Currently, Sypht supports many different file formats depending on the type of AI Product you are using to process the file.


  • .pdf
  • .txt


  • .png
  • .tiff
  • .giff
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