Splitting documents into multiple files

Quite often you’ll get multiple sets of documents in one file. For example, tricky vendors like to bill everything at once so you’ll get 25 separate invoices jammed together into one document. Each of those needs to be separated for accurate processing.

Sypht can split documents into multiple files automatically or manually.

Splitting automatically with Smart Split

Our Smart Split AI can intelligently predict where a document split should occur and then split your document into separate files.

To use Smart Split, enable it in the upload dialog box. Be sure to click the human review checkbox if you want to review the split.

Once the document is uploaded, it will automatically split. If you have enabled human review, you can review the split in a preview window as shown in the image below.
Once you save the split, separate documents will be created. For the split documents, we name them based off the original document with a number appended to them. For example, doc_name_1, doc_name_2, doc_name_3.


Splitting manually with Smart Split

Use the Sypht scissors tool to split your documents.

  1. In the Docs page, select the document you want to split and click the Smart Split button.Smart_Split__2X.png

  2. In the Smart split dialog box, click Add human review to review the Smart Split AI and to manually split the document.


3. In the Smart Split review window, click the blue scissors for where you want to split the documents.


4. Once you are happy with the results, click the Save split button to separate the multi-document into individual documents.

API document Smart Splitting

The API supports document splitting. For more information on splitting documents through the API, see https://sypht.gitbook.io/sypht/workflows/smart-document-split

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