Exporting data

Getting your data out of Sypht is just as important as getting it in. You’ll likely have a backend system you want export the data into for further processing and we can help. Sypht supports exporting documents in CSV or JSON formats. You can export a single document or a batch of them.

Exporting documents

To export data:

  1. In the https://app.sypht.com/documents page, click the checkbox of the document(s) to export.

  2. Click the Export button  Export__2X.png

  3. In the Export dialog box, specify the following:

    1. Original source file - includes the original source file with the download.

    2. Extracted data (predictions) as .csv - Exports the extracted data in a .CSV file
      (options: specify fields, layout, collapsing data, and delimiter type)


  1. Click the export button to download the files.

API data retrieval

Using the API, you can retrieve a single document or a set of documents in JSON format. Please read more about it here: https://sypht.gitbook.io/sypht/

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