Task reporting dashboard

Sypht wants you and your company to be awesome. 👍 🤩 We want you to be able to continuously improve your operations to the point of perfection. Which is why we’ve created the Task usage reporting dashboard.

Task usage reporting enables you to monitor and explore information about the Tasks performed by your company. Using this data you can see the numbers of documents flowing through Sypht, how long it’s taking to process them, and other important details. Then you can work with you and your team to set benchmarks and improve these numbers.

This dashboard is accessible from: https://app.sypht.com/analytics/tasks/company


Key Task dashboard items

  • Total Tasks - total number of tasks created over the defined period.

  • Average time per review - average amount of time to complete a task.

  • Straight-Through-Processing (STP rate) - percentage of extracted documents that go straight through to completion without requiring any human review.

  • Tasks processed over time - Shows a graph, which details the number of created, in progress, and completed tasks over the given time period.

Use this data to invest in your company’s future and optimize your organization’s workflows.

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