This page includes release notes and updates for the Sypht application and the Sypht API.

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February 7, 2022

NDIS Improvement for Start and End Dates in Line Items

NDIS requires start dates and end dates for each Line Item in a table, which can take quite some time for our customers to extract and input into the NDIS system.

Now, we've simplified this by automatically extracting out the start and end date in the claims and placing them alongside the table extraction for each Line Item. This new improvement also works with our NDIS Export to .CSV file functionality as well.

Check out the image below to see it in action



November 3, 2022

ABN Lookup Service Enhancement

Sypht's ABN Lookup Service is enhanced to provide better details on Sole Traders who have registered their ABNs with the Australian Business Registrar. Sypht now returns the results of Sole Traders onto the document.


Enhanced Invoice Number Extraction

Enhanced the Invoice Number extraction capability for some customers who put Invoice Numbers at the top of their documents, we now identify and extract these numbers better.


19 October 2022

NDIS Model Improvement for Extracting NDIS Reference Numbers

Great improvement for our important NDIS customers. Reference Numbers/Invoice Numbers, a critical field on NDIS invoices, is improved to better capture numbers with tricky character separators, like NDIS-000000001-4, 000-0000-1, INV-0000, C00/00-0000


13 October 2022

AI Model Improvements for Date Extraction

We've improved how we recognize and extract dates in all our AI Models (Invoices, Receipts, NDIS Claims, etc.). Tricky dates with suffixes and dash separators are better supported.

Some tricky date examples we now handle: AUG-01-22, August 1st 2022, Jan 23rd 2022, 11-22.



1 October 2022

Small Improvement

  • We've made a very minor improvement for how to add table annotations. We've removed the (+) to create tables (confusing for some users), now just click the Add Table button to add a new table annotation.


11 February 2022 

New Features

Introducing User Permissions 

We've added a rich set of user permissions to enable your company to control what users can and cannot do within Sypht. This helps secure your environment and better manage your workforce, as now you can set up dedicated users for different roles. This functionality is described in great detail HERE.

Bugs & Small Improvements

  • Issue with splitting tasks where the docs page icon was highlighted instead of the tasks page.
  • Issue with some PDFs with blank pages was causing issues during extraction.
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